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Walk Boldly Wide Leg Pants Sewing Pattern

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  • Sizes 4-30 included.
  • Instant download.
  • Easy to follow, detailed instructions.
  • Experienced beginner friendly.
  • Fast sew.
  • For stretch fabrics.
  • Unbelievably comfy.

The Walk Boldly Wide Leg Pants are designed to deliver both style and comfort.

Designed for stretch knit fabrics (with elastane), these pants feature wide legs, optional faux fly, high or mid rise & more. Sew fast & easy pocket-free or select from our 5 different pocket styles.

Effortlessly transition from day to night, desk to drinks, lounge to luxe.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see what's in this sewing pattern.


    • Wide flared leg.
    • High or mid rise.
    • Waistband with elastic.
    • Optional faux fly.
    • Multiple front and back pocket options.
    • Snug but not tight over tummy.
    • Slight ease through the hips.
    • Butt shaping darts.
    • Sizes 4-30.
    • Simple finishes for fast and easy sewing.


    Pocket 1: Jean-style front pocket featuring fold over pocket bag & rounded pocket opening.

    Pocket 2: Front cargo pocket. This is sewn on top of the front legs.

    Pocket 3: Front welt pocket. Diagonal welt pocket with 1-layer pocket bag stitched on the inside of the pant leg.

    Pocket 4: Back patch pocket.

    Pocket 5: Back welt pocket. If you're always wanted to sew a welt pocket but were too scared, try this one. It is a simplified version of the classic welt pocket. We even have a video showing you how.

    The Walk Boldly Wide Leg Pants sewing pattern are snug at the waist, fitting closely over the tummy & bottom without being tight, showcasing a gracefully flared wide leg that starts at the waist and extends all the way to the hem. We have included darts along the back for a better fit on our curves. The fit through the crotch is close but not snug. Of course fabrics with heavier drape, like rayon or bamboo, will tend to force the crotch to sit slightly lower away from the body.

    STYLE DIFFERENCES: You've probably seen that we're a little obsessed with wide leg pants of all varieties. So, what are the differences between our different wide leg sewing patterns? 

    Urban Wide Leg Pants: The Walk Boldly Wide Leg Pants feature a higher rise option (creates a more elongated silhouette). Narrower waistband (with elastic). Optional faux fly front. Slightly more ease through the hip/seat. Wider hemline flare (similar to Vacation Vibes - Subtle option). Multiple front & back pockets to choose from. Learn how to do a back welt the easy way. Wider size range.

    Palazzo Pants: The Walk Boldly Wide Leg Pants have dramatically less fullness in legs, hemline & crotch. Wider size range.

    Vacation Vibes Palazzo Pants: This is our palazzo pant sewing pattern for woven fabrics. 

    Coco Wide Leg Pants: This is our wide leg pants sewing pattern for woven fabrics. 

    • Size 4-30.
    • View our size chart here.

    Sizes 4-30. All sizes are included in your purchase.

    Instant Download! Receive the sewing patterns instantly after purchasing.

    This sewing patterns come in several formats, so you can use the one that suits you. All are included in your purchase.

    • Print at home (A4 / US Letter size).
    • Print at copy shop (A0 size).
    • Projector files (large font, full pattern pieces).

      Our in-depth tutorial includes detailed info on sizing, fabric choice, printing & more. It features vibrant colour photos & clear instructions to sew this garment. Plus real-life inspiration across various sizes from fellow sewists.

      Seam allowance is included in our patterns & specified in the pattern & tutorial.

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      SUITABLE FABRIC: This Wide Leg Pants pattern is designed for stretch knit fabrics with elastane, spandex or lycra. These include 4-way or 2-way stretch with vertical give.

      STRETCH FACTOR: Horizontal Stretch: Min. 30%. Vertical Stretch: Min. 20%.

      FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: View the chart here.

      FABRIC SUGGESTIONS: Bamboo Elastane, Cotton Lycra, Crepe Knit, Double Brushed Poly (DBP), French Terry (FT), ITY, Liverpool, Merino Wool Knit, Modal Elastane, Poly Elastane Jersey, Poly Rib Knit, Ponte (rayon based), Rayon Elastane, Rayon Rib Knit,  Scuba (my fave), Single Brushed Poly (SBP), Stretch Velvet (velour), Sweater Knit, Swimwear Spandex, Viscose Elastane.

      Q: My fabric has horizontal stretch but only vertical 'give'. Can I use it?

      Yes. If your fabric has vertical give (or less than 15% vertical stretch), it will need a minimum of 50% horizontal stretch to balance this out. Note that these fabrics may also sit lower on the body in the rise.

      Q: My fabric has a lot of vertical stretch. Can I use it?

      Yes. Just keep in mind that a lot of vertical stretch can result in your pants ‘growing’ in length both at the hemline & crotch. Examples include rayon, viscose, bamboo & ITY. Sewing pockets on super stretchy fabrics may also be problematic & require extra patience & experience.  

      In my What's In The Pattern video (linked above), my light grey rayon rib knit falls into this category. I reduced the rise by 4cm (1.5") to account for the super stretchiness of this fabric. 


      Tutorial: Includes comprehensive step by step instructions with plenty of photos. 

      3 Pattern Formats: Print at home, A0 copy shop & large font projector file (select coloured or black size lines). All options are included. 

      Projector files for this pattern include multi-coloured and black size lines, large text and full pattern pieces. Plus centre fold lines so you can cut on the fold if needed.

      • PRINT AT HOME PATTERN: In A4 or Letter.
      • COPY SHOP PATTERN: A0 size (ask for plan print).
      • PROJECTOR PATTERN: Large front with (1) Multi coloured size lines & (2) Black size lines
      • LAYERED: Yes.
      • SIZES: AU 4-30. 
      • SKILL LEVEL: Fast & easy.
      • FABRIC TYPE: Stretch knit fabrics with elastane.
      • MEASUREMENTS: All patterns are in metric (cms) & imperial (inches).
      • OPEN & PRINT IN: Adobe Reader. Get for free here


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      If you need help accessing, downloading & printing, here is a link to our video series.

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      You will find printing details in each tutorial. In most tutorials, this section includes a final layout of the pattern for visual help in joining the pages, a page print guide so you can just print the pattern pages you need, plus printing specs & FAQ. 

      Not sure what setting you should use for printing your pdf sewing pattern? You should find the answer in your Pattern Emporium tutorial in the printing section. But if you can't find it, here are the settings for you. 

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      Henny v.D.
      great pattern

      great pattern, easy to follow instructions and great fit

      Hi Henny, Thanks for the great review! We're delighted you loved the Walk Boldly Pants pattern and found it easy to follow. Happy sewing!


      Really easy to follow instructions

      Jan F.
      Walk Boldly

      This was such a fun make, and I throughly enjoyed the process. The instructions are fantastic. The only problem I had was of my own making, I picked the wrong size and they are too big. However, I have another pair in the planning and I think I have a friend who will enjoy the first pair.

      Sharon S.

      My pdf came through with no tutorial for the Walk Away wide leg pants. Are the instructions sold separately or where are they?

      Subject: Accessing your pattern files
      Hi Sharon,

      I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're facing. It seems there might be a misunderstanding. The tutorial for each pattern is included in your purchase.

      In the email titled ‘Downloading your new Pattern Emporium pattern.’, we provide instructions on how to access all the pattern files, including the tutorial.

      To access your files at any time, please follow these steps:

      1. Sign in to your account on the website.
      2. Click on the big pink button that says ‘Download Patterns’. This sends you to your pattern library.
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      For additional assistance with accessing, downloading, and printing, we have a helpful video series available at the following link: https://patternemporium.com/pages/pattern-emporium-for-beginners

      If you continue to experience any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out via email, and we'll do our best to assist you.

      Best regards,
      Pattern Emporium

      Annette C.
      love it

      haven't made it yet