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Shorts Sewing Patterns

Be Summer-Ready with our Shorts Sewing Patterns

It doesn't have to be summer to appreciate the ease of pulling out your favourite fabrics and making some of the most stylish, fun ladies shorts with our PDF patterns. Each of these comes with a printable PDF file, with detailed instructions and customisable options.

Our pieces are quick to put together, so you can easily fill your closet in various styles to dress up or down as you wish. We also offer fabric suggestions so your creation can sit well and be the most comfortable fit. Once you begin making these clothes, you will want to keep creating more, including our popular genie pants pattern.

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If you are looking at getting ahead on your wardrobe for the hot months, you have come to the right place. We have created a series of fun and easy designs that feature pockets, elastic waists, optional belt loops, a range of lengths and so much more.

Are you ready to start sewing? Buy online with a simple click of a button and receive your item in your email inbox, available to use at your convenience. Once you enjoy the leisure of printing at home or at your local copy facility, you will appreciate how easy it is to buy from us.

We welcome you to share your completed projects with us on our Facebook group. Come and join our community for a range of helpful tips and advice.