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Pattern Hack: Add a Cuff to the Wanderlust Dress

1 min read

During testing, Katy Lam (My China Doll) did a little pattern hacking & added a cuff to her long sleeved Wanderlust Dress.

Add a cuff to the Wanderlust Stretch Knit Dress - Katy

It's fast, free & easy. Here's how.

PATTERN:Wanderlust Dress

CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE NOWThis file contains instructions & cuff pattern piece. File size 1mb.

PATTERN HACK:Add a cuff to the long slimline sleeve.

PATTERN ALTERATION:Based on the cuff provided, I recommend shortening the sleeve by 6cm (2 3/8”). 

Note: Adjust accordingly if you found the sleeve too long/short during your fit test.

PATTERN PIECE:See page 4. The finished length of this cuff is 6cm (2 3/8”).

SKILL LEVEL:It can be a bit tricky overlocking (serging) neatly & evenly around the cuff. If you’re new to knit cuffs I recommend having a practice first.

Here's another cuff I added to another Wanderlust pattern hacked dress. This is the Trapeze Dress pattern hack. 

Add a cuff to your Wanderlust Dress - Pattern Emporium - free download