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Pattern Mashing the Hello Gorgeous

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Pattern mashing is when you combine 2 or more patterns to create new options.

Pattern Mashing Puff Sleeve Square Neck Tee Dress

A few members of our awesomely creative team had fun mashing the the Hello Gorgeous with their favourite Pattern Emporium patterns. I have asked them to tell us what they did for their mash up.

PATTERN LINK: Click here to go directly to the Hello Gorgeous pattern. The other patterns used are outlined & linked below, in case you don't already have them.

Melanie Hall

PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Wanderlust Dress

HOW:"For a simple pattern mash with stunning results, I popped the Hello Gorgeous short cuffed puff sleeve straight onto the Wanderlust Dress" - Melanie

 Puff Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress   


Livia Jonker-Yamada

PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Friday Feels Skirt

HOW: "The Hello Gorgeous (HG) has a more relaxed fit than the Friday Feels (FF) and I was aiming for a bodycon style dress. So I removed a bit of the positive ease of the top. As both pieces are cut on the the fold I overlapped the pattern pieces at the waistline, aligning them along the side seams. I then trimmed a tiny bit of excess along the centre front of the top to match the skirt. That’s it! Cut the fabric and sew accordingly to the HG instructions." - Livia


Pattern mashing hello gorgeous puff sleeve dress Livia Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve dress pattern mash


Tai Xie

PATTERNS:Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & In My Stride Flounce Skirt

HOW: "It’s surprisingly easy to create a mashup between Hello Gorgeous (HG) and In My Stride (IMS) Skirt. I laid the IMS pattern on top of the HG, aligning the (elastic) fold-line of the skirt pattern with the waist marking of HG. I kept the bottom curve of the skirt but curved the bodice part of the HG. I traced my new shape and followed instruction from there."- Tai

Pattern Mash - Hello Gorgeous Puff sleeve tee & In My Stride Skirt Hello Gorgeous puff sleeve square neck tee pattern mash

Pattern Mash Puff Sleeve Square Neck Dress Sewing Pattern Mash Puff Sleeve Square Neck Dress Sewing  


Marnie Durbidge

PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Every Me Tank Dress

HOW: "From the underarm up, I used the Hello Gorgeous (HG). From the underarm down, I used the Every Me Tank Dress (EMT). I lined the HG & EMT up at underarm points, raising the HG up 1cm (3/8") from the EMT. I also added some length to the EMT dress so I could do a casing (with elastic and a faux drawstring)." - Marnie

Puff Sleeve Square Neck Drawstring Dress Pattern Hack Puff Sleeve Square Neck Drawstring Dress Pattern Hack


Katie Kennedy

PATTERNS:Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Wanderlust Dress

HOW: "I used the Hello Gorgeous for everything above the waist, and blended the waist out into the skirt section of the Wanderlust Dress, which made the dress a little less fitted at the natural waist." - Katie

 Pattern mash puff sleeve dress


Jodie Bourke

PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Wanderlust Dress

HOW: "I mashed my all time favourite dress the wanderlust with my 2 new favourite options, the Hello Gorgeous 1/2 puff above elbow sleeve and the square neckline. I just popped these options on top of the Wanderlust bodice pieces and Voila the Hello Gorgeous Wanderlust Dress!!" - Jodie

pattern mash fit and flare puff sleeve dress Pattern Mashing puff sleeve dress


Mel Stevens

PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Friday Feels Skirt

HOW: "After marking out the Friday Feels Skirt fold-over allowance, I placed the FF skirt on top of the Hello Gorgeous where I believe the 2 waists met. I traced all of this on to butchers/craft paper.

I measured from my shoulder down to my waist to work out where the indent of my waist began. I then made an estimated slight indentation/curve into the butchers paper pattern cause I wanted to avoid excess back fabric since there will be no back seam. This curve was a guess and can be adjusted by taking it in the sides, after you sew up the garment and try it on.

Pattern mash puff sleeve dress sewing Pattern mash puff sleeve dress sewing


Justine Smallwood

PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Friday Feels Skirt

HOW: "I simply aligned the side seams of the Friday Feels Skirt & Hello Gorgeous Tee patterns to create a dress length." - Justine

Pattern Mash Friday Feels Pencil Skirt & Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeves Pattern Mash - Puff Sleeve Square Neck Dress


PATTERNS: Hello Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Tee & Friday Feels Skirt

HOW: "For the one sleeve option I just drew a line from the top of the neckline to the underarm on the other side and then measured and made a band." - Justine

Pattern Hack One shoulder puff sleeve dress Pattern hack one shoulder puff sleeve dress


Here are some more ideas you can try for yourself.

pattern mash ideas


If you'd like to see all the sleeves you can make with the gorgeous pattern, take a look at our Style Chat blog on the Hello Gorgeous here

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