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Joining PDF pattern Pages Together

Joining PDF pattern Pages Together

Not sure of the best way to join your PDF pattern pages together?

Joining pdf pattern pages together - simple tips

Our home printings aren't always that reliable for accuracy. Sometimes our pages print out and don't align as precisely as we'd like them to. This is especially true for ladies wear because of the large number of pages we print.

I have learned that the most accurate way to stick pages together is to first  join the pages in separate rows. Then, once all the rows are complete, you can stick those rows together to create you whole pattern.

Click HERE  to watch our video for a quick & easy method that i use that requires no trimming.  This link will take you to the Pattern Emporium YouTube channel. 

Or watch the video via our Facebook page below.  Remember to turn the volume up - bottom right of the screen. 


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