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Pattern Hack: Lining the Kids Harem Pants for Winter

Pattern Hack: Lining the Kids Harem Pants for Winter



Kids Harem Pants sewing pattern by Pattern Emporium

If the weather is getting colder but you still want to dress your child in awesome handmade clothing, here's a pattern hack to help you line your Pattern Emporium Harem Pants. You can also use it to make straight leg pants by leaving out the elastic in the hem. 

Kids Harem Pants sewing pattern by Pattern Emporium

These pants sit on the lower waist & are great for both girls & boys. I would suggest adding a small amount to the top of the waistline (approximately 2cm or 3/4") for boys over about 5yrs old. 

 Kids Harem Pants sewing pattern - lined for winter - pattern hack

Thank-you to the fabulous Shelley Wild for helping me out & putting this pattern hack together for everyone.

Let's get started so you can get these great winter warmers made.


Here are the pattern(s) you will need:

1) Kids Harem Pants (click here) for sizes 3-10 or 

2) Baby/Toddler Harem Pants (click here) for sizes Newborn-2 & nappy (diaper) friendly.

3) To purchase both together in a bundle, use the bundle code. You'll find them here.



Fashion Fabrics for your Outer Legs: The fabrics you see in both of these tutorials & in this pattern hack are all 100% cotton quilting fabrics. You can buy such fabulous prints, it really is the widest choice you can find.

Lining Fabric: 100% cotton flannel has been used to line these pants.


Kids Harems (size 3-10) pattern references are in grey

Baby/Toddler Harem Pants (sizes newborn-2) pattern references are in pink


* OUTER LEGS: Cut your front & back legs in your fashion fabric as advised in the pattern. 

* LINING: Cut as per Style E (A) in your lining fabric with pattern hem allowance of 3.25cm (2cm) folded up.


* OUTER LEGS: Cut as per pattern instructions in your fashion fabric.

* LINING: Cut as per pattern instructions in your lining fabric with pattern hem allowance of 3.25cm (2cm) folded up. 


* Create harems in fashion fabric stopping after step 28 

(complete individual styles first & stop once you get to Step 10 on page 11) 

* Repeat steps 21 - 27 on page 32 with lining pieces 

(Steps 3-8 on pages 10-11)

* With the outer fabric right way out, and the lining fabric wrong side out, place the lining inside the outer fabric with their wrong sides together. Match front and rear seams and smooth out along top edge and baste together using a 6mm (1/4") seam allowance.


* Smooth both fabrics down the length of the leg, and lining fabric should stop at the hem crease for the outer fabric.


* Fold outer fabric over lining fabric at hem and continue as per instructions from step 29 on page 33 (step 11 on page 11).


If you are making pants (& not harem pants), simply stitch hem all the way around to finish and then proceed to waistband instructions.


And this is the fabulousness that you will achieve:




I'd love to see what you make, so please feel free to share in our group www.facebook/groups/patternemporium


Happy Sewing.









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