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What's included in a Pattern Emporium pattern?

To find out what's included in our patterns, click here to go to 'What's included'.

What size am I?

You will find a Size & Fit guide in your pattern. This helps you work out the best size to make for your personal measurements. You will also find body measurements in each pattern listing.

What's in the Information pages? Do I really need to read them?

There is a lot of information already contained in each pattern, all you need to do is take a look. *Note: in some older patterns that are patiently waiting to be re-groomed into the new layout, this information will be in at the beginning of the pattern but not necessarily on the pages outlined below.

  • CONTENTS page outlines all the main topics in the pattern. Each topic is clickable to take you right there.
  • STYLE DRAWINGS show you, in a simple sketch, the style you're going to make & any options available. In most patterns, this is on page 3.
  • SIZE & FIT page guides you on how to determine the correct size for you or the person you are sewing for. Generally on page 4.
  • MEASUREMENTS TABLES page you'll find body measurements, garment measurements for some, trims & some pattern measurements &, of course, fabric requirements. You'll usually find this on page 5.
  • TRIM INFORMATION outlining what trims you'll need when sewing each pattern can generally be found on page 7. How much you'll need can be found in the measurements tables on page 5.
  • PRINTING & ASSEMBLING page outlines the two pattern files & how to print &, where necessary, assemble them. See page 7.
  • GLOSSARY page outlines sewing & pattern terms used in PE patterns. See page 8.
  • TIPS & TRICKS pages, contained in some patterns, feature specific information about working with particular fabrics, for instance rayon & denim.
  • PATTERN INFORMATION can be found towards the end of the pattern, right before the print-at-home pattern itself. Here you'll find a table with the pattern pieces & what pages they are on to make printing easier; a picture of what the print-at-home pattern will look like, all stuck together; some having cutting layouts.
Can I sell garments made using Pattern Emporium patterns?

I love seeing both new & experienced sewers enjoy sewing & wearing clothes made using my patterns. I also know that not everyone can sew. So, small home-based handmade businesses selling items on Facebook, Etsy or similar, are welcome to sell products made from Pattern Emporium patterns, but I do kindly ask that you reference Pattern Emporium somewhere in your product descriptions.

Where can I get help with my Pattern Emporium pattern?

The best way to get advice when you're sewing Pattern Emporium patterns, is to join our Facebook Group : the Pattern Emporium Sewing Circle. Even when I’m not around, there are lots of PE experienced ladies who are only too happy to help with any one of my patterns.

What's the best way to cut 1 pair?

Cutting 1 pair means to cut 2 that mirror each other. Like your shoes. If you look along the sides of your fabric, you will see the selvage. Fold your fabric in half, selvage to selvage, & smooth your fabric out. When you lay & cut your pattern pieces, you automatically get a mirrored pair.

I don't own a overlocker (serger), how can I finish my edges?

Instead, neaten your edges with a simple zigzag stitch. Grab a little scrap piece of the fabric you are using and do a test of which zigzag width and length works for that fabric.

What's the best program to open my PDF pattern in?

Open your pattern in Adobe Reader. It's always a good idea to keep your Adobe Reader up to date. It's easy to do, and free. Most problems with opening or printing can often be solved by updating the program to the latest version.

How do I print my pattern?

With your pattern open in Adobe Reader, select File > Print. Ensure you select actual size. If it asks if you want to scale, select 'none'.

Help! My pattern looks really small & there's only 2 pages!

Check the name of the file you're printing. If it's got the words 'A0' or 'Large Format', this is the copy shop file that you print on A0 size paper (841x1189mm).

To print at home, you need to open the main tutorial. You will find the print-at-home pattern pages at the back of the pattern (see contents page).

Where do I find my pattern?

There are two ways you can find your pattern purchase.

You will receive an email with a big 'View Your Order' button. Click on the button & you go directly to your order on the Pattern Emporium button. There you will see a big pink 'Access Digital Content' button. Click on that to access your pattern(s).

Or sign in to your account, you will see your order history. Click on the order number (eg. #PE1014) and you will see the pattern file you've ordered. Click on the pattern to download it to your computer, tablet or phone.

I really want to sew with rayon. Are there any tips or tricks?

There sure are. Click here to go to the 'Tips & Tricks' section (under 'Other Stuff) to see my tips & tricks for sewing with rayon. It really is a fabulous fabric to wear & by following a few tips as you cut & sew, you're on your way to a successful project.

Looking for tips & tricks to sewing with denim?

Denim can be very appealing to sew with but because it's so thick, it can be challenging too. By following a few simple steps, you'll be sewing denim with ease. Click here to check out our tips for sewing with denim.

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