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Bodice Adjustment : Spellbound & Wanderlust Dresses

1 min read

How to do a bodice length adjustments - Spellbound Dress sewing pattern

For those who are visual learners, this video outlines the Bodice Length Adjustment as shown in the Spellbound tutorial on page 13. 

This simple adjustment to the length of the bodice allows the fall of the skirt to start higher up, giving some extra ease for the lower tummy area.


To view, click on the video.

Click on the YouTube sticker to watch it directly in YouTube (it's bigger & clearer).




Pictured below is a little graphic to show you exactly how many testers actually required adjustments. Our statistics show that most of you won't need to. BUT it's very important to do a fit test anyway. It's fast & easy.

  • 6 out of 20 used a bodice length adjustment  
  • 3 out of 20 used the sway back adjustmen