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Pattern Hack: Make a Bib Front T-shirt

1 min read

PATTERN: Bella Bodice.

Pattern Emporium Girls Bella Bodice sewing pattern

Make your very own bib front t-shirt using the Bella Bodice pattern with just a few minor adjustments.

Pattern Hack - how to add an adorable bib front to a t-shirt

I think that would be such a pretty combo matched with any of the PE bottoms patterns: the Honeybuns, Lovebug, Flip Skirt, Gathered Skirt, Jeans or Harem Pants.



The only things you'd need to change is the angle of the straight edge at the top of the pattern to suit the neckline of your top. And sewing wise, turn the top edge under before attaching to your top. 

Here's a few examples:


And I know you're all experts at binding by now if you feel like making one like the pic from the Ava Jeans cover.



And it's a perfect way to use up those precious scraps of fabric you find impossible to throw away.


Lastly, this is the Bella Bodice Pattern.



Happy sewing.

Kate xx