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Pattern Hack: Extend Kimono Neck Band

Posted on 08 June 2018

How to extend the band on the Ladies Songbird Kimono


Like the look of the full length band on the girls Songbird (pictured below) and want to add it to your Ladies Songbird?  

This is a quick & easy pattern hack showing you how to extend the band on the Ladies Songbird Kimono to a full length band, flush with the hemline.


This is a mock up of what the full length band would look like on Katy from My China Doll's kimono. 

pattern hack the ladies kimono - Pattern Emporium Songbird


And this is the kids version that has the full length band. 

  pattern hack ladies songbird kimono 


Let's get started. 


Add to the length of the band by the following:

  • Cropped: 10cm (4”)
  • Cover-Up: 10.5cm (4 1/8”)
  • Knee Length: 15cm (5 7/8”)
  • Longline: 26.75cm (10 1/2”)

You will be extending at the un-notched edge & then cutting a pair as outlined on the pattern piece.

ladies kimono pattern hack


2. SEWING THE KIMONO (Steps 1-14)

Complete from Step 1 to Step 14 in the main tutorial.


3. PRE-READING (Steps 15-26)

This effects steps 15 to 26.

If this is the first Songbird you've sewn, I highly recommend you read over Steps 15 to 26 in the original tutorial before proceeding so that you are familiar with the process before you continue.  Otherwise you might find this confusing. 


4. ATTACH THE NECK BAND (Steps 15-19)

At Step 16, when you pin the band on, position the (finished) end of the band 4cm (1 5/8”) up from the hem edge (the unfinished hem). 

This is the same amount as your hem allowance.


5. PREPARE THE HEM (Steps 20-25)  

At Step 21, instead of the pic in the tutorial (where the band sits up from the hem), the band will look like this. 

Pattern Hack Songbird Ladies Kimono Sewing pattern

Pattern Hack Songbird Ladies Kimono Sewing pattern Extend neckband


When folded up, the hem fold will sit snug up against the bottom of the band.

Pattern Hack Songbird Ladies Kimono Sewing Pattern Emporium

Ladies Songbird Kimono sewing pattern hack - extend the neck band


At Steps 22-24 the end of the band will now be flush with the finished hem of the kimono. 

Ladies Songbird Kimono sewing pattern hack - extend the neck band

Ladies Songbird Kimono sewing pattern hack - extend the neck band



At Step 26, again you'll see that the hem is now flush. Topstitch & hem as outlined in the main tutorial. 

Ladies Songbird Kimono sewing pattern hack - extend the neck band


And that's all there is to it.

Once you've completed your new extended band, we'd love to see it in the group. Sharing your pics really does inspire so many other ladies to give it a go for themselves. 


Pattern Hack - ladies kimono neckband Songbird by Pattern Emporium


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