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How To | Full Bust Adjustment Video

2 min read

This full bust adjustment (FBA) is shown on the Field Of Dreams Dress & Top sewing pattern. The fully lined bodice on this pattern features a waist dart. We use this dart to add more shaping, via a full bust adjustment, by adding a bust dart. 

So, the good ol' FBA is scary, right? You avoid doing it because it probably takes aaaages, right? 

What if I told you that it's neither scary, complicated nor long. Watch the video below & give it a try for yourself.

View the Field Of Dreams Dress Sewing Pattern here. 

Watch the video & discover how easy a full bust adjustment is. 


View the Field Of Dreams Dress Sewing Pattern here. 

What is a full bust adjustment?

A full bust adjustment or FBA as you've probably seen them called, adds more shaping to a garment, at the bust, than currently exists.

Is a full bust adjustment hard?

It's as easy as drawing a couple of lines & cutting along them.

Does a full bust adjustment take a long time?

No, my whole video showing you how to do it is 7 minutes. It'll probably take you less than that. An extra 7 minutes is soooo worth it.

Why do I need to do a full bust adjustment on the Field Of Dreams Dress?

The new Field Of Dreams dress features 2 dart on the front bodice, below the bust.

For those with a more prominent bust, a FBA will add more shaping to the bodice so that it fits you better.

A FBA adds in another dart (a bust dart this time) from the side seam to the bust.

How do i know how much to add when doing a full bust adjustment FBA?

In both the video & Step 5 in the tutorial, we show you exactly how to calculate your adjustment. It's one simple calculation.