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Silhouette Fit Chart - Tops & Dress Sewing Patterns

Top & dress sewing pattern fit chart by Pattern Emporium

Fit Chart for Tops & Dresses

Explore our comprehensive Fit Chart here to effortlessly find the perfect sewing pattern for your next project. This chart outlines the silhouettes of our top and dress patterns, helping you choose with ease. Whether you're searching for a relaxed t-shirt, a fit and flare dress, or something unique, our chart categorises each pattern by fit—ranging from easy fit to fitted, semi-fitted, and oversized.

Features of the Fit Chart:

  • Fit At A Glance: Each pattern is clearly marked whether it is easy fit, semi-fitted, fitted, or oversized.
  • Interactive Links: Direct links to each pattern listing for quick access to detailed information and photos.
  • Visual Silhouette Comparison: Quickly compare the shape and style of our tops and dresses to find your ideal match.

Whether you are in the mood for a flared t-shirt or a fit and flare dress, our Fit Comparison Chart makes your pattern selection process straightforward and fun. Navigate seamlessly through our offerings to find exactly what you need for your sewing adventures.


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