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New Sewing Pattern Release

WHAT'S NEW? Rise & Shine Top

OUR NEWEST PATTERN RELEASES: View our latest here on the Newest Patterns collection page.

WATCH THE 'WHAT'S IN THE PATTERN' VIDEO? For each new sewing pattern I sew up several samples in different fabrics so you can see what's in the pattern. See the individual pattern listing to view each video or visit our YouTube channel.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE NEWEST SEWING PATTERNS? Shop > Newest patterns or by following this link.

SPECIAL PRICE: During a new pattern release you get a 15% discount on the new pattern. These dates are announced closer to when a new pattern is about to be released, both in our Facebook Group & via our email. 

During a new pattern release you will also get 15% off some (but not all) of the co-ordinating patterns that feature in the sneak peek video. Recently released patterns will not be discounted at this time.

Remember we are an Aussie brand so pattern release timelines are in Australian time. ALWAYS CHECK THE BANNER FOR ENDING TIME so you don't miss out

Discounts cannot be combined.

WHAT IS A PATTERN RELEASE? We like to try to release a new pattern each month. Prior to the release of each new pattern we feature a video showcasing the options available. The pattern showcase videos feature garments that I (Kate) have sewn up using the new pattern to show you the different fabrics you can use, how they look, plus little tips and tricks. During release week, our fabulously creative team of testers also share their new pattern sews in our Facebook group. Once they have shared there, they're uploaded onto the website. 

PATTERN SHOWCASE VIDEO: Each new pattern release comes along with a pattern showcase video - like a 'What's in the pattern'. You'll find these at the top of each pattern listing. Note, not all patterns have them. 

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WHAT IS ON SALE DURING A PATTERN RELEASE? During our pattern releases we often also discount select sewing patterns that are mashable with the new pattern. We also feature some (but not all) that feature in the style videos. 

WHAT IS A MASHABLE PATTERN? You can combine many of our patterns together to create your dream garment or outfit.

Some popular examples: The hood from the Unwind or Lounge Dress can be added to the new Every Day's A Weekend Dress. The Roll Neck from the Every Day's A Weekend or Dream On Dress can be added to the Besties Tee to create the perfect winter jumper (sweater). Add the Hello Gorgeous puff sleeve to the Dream On Dress or Besties Tee. Or perhaps the gorgeously roomy funnel neck from the Be You Tee is your favourite. You can add that to any of our stretch patterns just by transferring the neckline from one pattern to another.