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Flip Method

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Finishing Hems with the Flip Method

overlocking seams using the flip method

Use the Flip Method on your overlocker (serger) to finish hems (on skirts, pants, sleeves, etc..) where you are not turning up the hem that would normally hide the ends of your stitching. It’s a great way to both hide & secure the ends of the overlocking. You will only need to use this method if you have overlocked your seams.

Outlined below are two (similar) methods. Choose the one that suits which end of the seam you're starting at.



1.  With your hems aligned, start overlocking approximately 3cm (1.5”) up from hem.


2.  Overlock to the hem edge & stop. Raise the needle. Raise the pressure foot.


3.  Carefully ‘flip’ your garment over to the other side without pulling it away from it’s position. Lower the presser foot & overlock all the way along your seam.




1.  Overlock all the way along your seam from waistband to hem. Stop when you get to the hem.


2.  Carefully raise the needle and the presser foot without pulling your garment away from it’s position.


3.  Carefully ‘flip’ your garment over to the other side. Lower the presser foot & overlock a little way along your seam (approximately 4-5cm / 2”).


4.  Chain off. Either knot the end or sew a few stitches to hold it in place.