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Mashable Sleeves List

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Mashable Sleeves: A Guide to Mixing and Matching Sleeve Styles in Sewing Patterns

Embarking on a sewing project is not just about following a pattern; it's about creating a garment that reflects your unique style. One way to add a personal touch to your creations is by exploring the world of mashable sleeves—a technique where you can seamlessly combine sleeves from one pattern with the bodice of another. This opens up a realm of creative possibilities, allowing you to sew garments that are truly one-of-a-kind.

At Pattern Emporium, we often get asked about which patterns can be effortlessly mashed together, specifically focusing on sleeves. Imagine having the flexibility to use the bishop sleeve from the Dream On Dress on the gorgeously fitted Entice Me Dress or Flawsome Top or adorning the Besties Tee or Follow Me Wrap Dress with the charming Hello Gorgeous puff sleeve. It's all about the art of fusion, where your vision takes centre stage.

Picture below (left) Kate wearing the Flawsome Top with bishop sleeve from Dream On Dress.
(right) Kim wearing the Go-To Dress with Hello Gorgeous long puff sleeves & squared neckline. 

pattern mashing adding a bishop sleeve pattern mashing adding a puff sleeve

To make this process even more accessible, we've compiled a handy table, below, that serves as a go-to reference, detailing which sleeves can be interchanged without requiring any adjustments to the armhole of the pattern. Whether you're a seasoned seamstress or a novice enthusiast, this guide is designed to inspire and simplify your sewing journey.

So, let's dive into the world of mashable sleeves and discover how you can elevate your sewing projects to new heights. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.

Click on the pattern titles below to explore each design separately.  Let the creative process begin!



You can mix & match the sleeves listed in the patterns below with each other without altering the armhole.

Allure Bell Sleeve Tee Bell Sleeve
Besties Tee Flared & Banded Tee Cap, Short, 3/4 & Long Sleeves. Full Circle Flounce.
Dream On Dress Fitted Bodice Tiered Dress & Skirt Sleeveless, Cap, 3/4 & Long Sleeve. Long sleeve with cuff. Bishop & Cropped Bishop Sleeve.
Entice Me Dress Fitted Dress Flared, Cap, Short, 3/4 & Long Sleeves.
Exhale Top & Dress  Hilo, Top & Dress Short, 1/2 & Long Sleeves
Flawsome Cut Out Top & Dress Fitted dress with fabulous cut out detail above the bust. Easy cap & short sleeve. Flounce. 3/4 & long fitted sleeve.
Follow Me Wrap Dress  Wrap Dress & Skirt Cap, Short & Long Sleeves. Full Circle Flounce.
Go-To Dress Fit & Flare Dress Sleeveless, Cap, Short, 3/4 & Long Sleeve.
Hello Gorgeous Top  Puff Sleeve Tee Puff Sleeves - Short, 1/2, 3/4 & Long.
Keep It Simple Tee T-shirt Cap, Short, 1/2, 3/4, Long Sleeve & Long with Cuff.
Ray Of Light Tee Asymmetric Rushed Tee Cap, Short, 3/4 & Long Sleeves. Full Circle Flounce.
Reconnect Cardi Longline fitted cardigan Fitted & semi fitted long sleeve, cap & short sleeve, puff sleeve.
Starstruck Tie Top Side Tie Top Short, 3/4 & Long & Long with Cuff Sleeves. Bishop Sleeve.
Trapeze Top Very Flared Top, Tunic & Dress Fitted Short, 3/4 & Long Sleeves.
True Romance Top Bishop Sleeve Top Bishop Sleeve - Cuffed, Extended Cuff, Shirred & Elastic.
Wanderlust Dress Fit & Flare Dress Fitted Short, 3/4 & Long Sleeves. Flared Short & Half Sleeve.




Pictured (left) Kate wearing the All In Shirt with Meet You There Dress cropped bishop sleeve. 
(right) Sophie wearing Meet You There Tiered Dress with the Be Mine balloon sleeve. 

Sewing pattern mash All in Shirt with cropped bishop sleeve Sophie sewing pattern mash balloon sleeve

You can mix & match the sleeves listed in the patterns below with each other without altering the armhole.

Click on the pattern title below to view each pattern separately. 

Be Mine Top Easy Fit Flared Top Balloon sleeve
All In Shirt Easy fit button up shirt Cuffed long sleeve, short sleeve, short sleeve with ruffle, basic long sleeve, elastic hem sleeve.
Meet You There Dress Easy fit tiered dress Bishop sleeve - cropped & 3/4.
Take The Chance Dress Easy fit button up dress with tiered skirt Long & 3/4 plain sleeve (with or without elastic), short sleeve, flounce sleeve.
Smitten Jacket Easy Fit Jean-style Jacket Full sleeve with wide gathered cuff, Shirt sleeve with button-up cuff.