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Pattern Hack: A Summer Romance

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A growing number of PE ladies are on the opposite side of the world to our design studio & basking in Summer right now.

So what better way to start our True Romance pattern hack/mash journey than with a sleeveless pattern hack for the banded option.

This pattern hack is so simple, you'll whip it up in an hour. 

VIEW True Romance Bishop Sleeve top sewing pattern

Click on the button above for the True Romance summer pattern if you don't already have it. 

True Romance Bishop Sleeve Top sewing pattern Pattern Emporium Hack Sleeveless True Romance Bishop Banded Top

The image on the left (top image on your phone) is the bishop sleeve banded top, one of the options available in the True Romance pattern. 

The image on the right (lower image on your phone) is my sleeveless version of the banded top, a really simple option for warmer weather and to get more out of your pattern. Below I've outlined how to adjust your pattern to make this. 

Fabric: Telio Shibori rayon bamboo jersey available at fabric.com here. The quality of Telio fabric is really lovely to work with and very well priced.   

Let's get started on the sleeveless pattern hack.



1. On the front side seam (Pattern piece #1), measure 2.5cm (1") down from the armhole. Mark this point.

2. Starting halfway down the front armhole, redraw the armhole to this point (use pencil because you'll probably need to reshape the base).

3. Repeat on the back (pattern piece #2).

Sleeveless True Romance pattern hack




A very important part of pattern making is prooving your seams. In this case, this means checking that your side seams still match & your new armhole is smooth at this point.

Here's how to do that:

4. Overlap the front & back pieces along the side seam (7mm or 1/4" either side) so that your actual sewing lines are aligned. 

5. Check the transition between front & back & redraw if necessary. You want it to be nice and smooth.

Sleeveless True Romance pattern hack


Here's a close up. 

sleeveless true romance pattern hack



To work out how long your bands need to be, we need to do a little math. Don't worry if this isn't your forté. It's quick & easy & I'll guide you through. 

6. Measure your new armhole. To do this, place the tape measure on it's side & measure along the new front & back armholes.

Front _______ Back _______

Pattern Hack Banded Sleeveless True Romance by Pattern Emporium

7. Now comes the math part.

  • Add these together:  _______
  • Then subtract 1.4cm (1/2"): _______
  • Next multiply it by 0.9 on your calculator: _______

8. Grab the neckband pattern piece (#6) and draw a rectangle the same width & using the final measurement above for the length.

Sleeveless Pattern Hack True Romance



9. Cut out the pieces required in your fabric. 

  • #1 Banded Front
  • #2 Banded Back
  • #3 Neck Band
  • #4 Hem Band
  • Plus the new Arm Bands x 2.

Make sure the arm bands are cut with the stretch running across the fabric, the same as the neckband.

True Romance sleeveless pattern hack



10. Shoulders, side seams, neck band & hem band: Follow Steps 1, 12, 13-25.

11. Armholes: Make & attach arm bands.

To do this:

  • Make your arm bands - repeat neck band steps 13-14 for this.
  • Divide arm bands in half & then quarters. Mark these points.
  • Divide armhole in half & then quarters. Mark these points.
  • Add the arm band to the armhole as outlined in neck band steps 15-16. Remember to align the points (notches) you made above. 

12. Lastly, iron your bands seams flat first to get out any puckering. Then iron the seam allowance towards the top & the bands flat. Iron top as outlined at Step 26. 

Pattern Emporium pattern hack sleeveless banded top

Pattern hack - sleeveless banded top by Pattern Emporium

Sleeveless banded top - Pattern Hack by Pattern Emporium



In the pattern hack video in our Facebook group (Sunday evening 22/7), I paired the sleeveless pattern hack with:


It also looks fantastic with: 

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    Sarah Maddux made her Sleeveless True Romance out of Viscose Jersey from Sly Fox Fabrics. You can find it here. And her fabulous skirt is the Heartlight in Double Brush Poly that you can find here.

    Pattern Emporium Hack Sleeveless True Romance Bishop Banded Top

    Jules Brownlow made her sleeveless True Romance & an hour later she was dressed up and out to dinner with friends.

    Pattern Emporium Hack Sleeveless True Romance Bishop Banded Top



    Inspired? Want to make a Summer True Romance too?

    You will find the pattern here, in our Ladies Collection. You can also view all the options available in this pattern.

    Simply download, print & sew. It's fast & easy to sew, even the pattern hack.



    Over the next few weeks we'll be adding more pattern hacks & mashes to help you get the most out of the True Romance pattern. 

    Bishop Sleeve Top sewing pattern by Pattern Emporium hacks and mashes

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    So make sure you visit our Facebook group regularly to learn more about these as they are released.