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Pants Pattern Adjustments : Full Calf Adjustment

1 min read

If you have an athletic or prominent calf, you may require a Full Calf Adjustment for pants with a tapered lower leg. 

This short tutorial outlines how to do that. 


You will find that you have lines/creases:

  • Horizontal lines above the calf.
  • Pants get hung up on your calf.
  • Pants tight at calf.


  • Before you assess for a full calf adjustment, first check the position of the knee notch. You want it to be sitting right in the centre of your knee.
  • If it falls below your knee, adjust evenly by pinning an even amount out above the knee. Then reassess the full calf situation.
  • Slash & open the back leg to make room.

This full calf adjustment is illustrated on the Pattern Emporium Tapered Urban Pants. 

Click here or on the picture below for a closer view.

Full Calf Adjustment - Sewing Pattern Adjustment