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Ankle Elastic (Video)

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sewing ankle elastic baby harem pants - video

PATTERN: Harem Pants (Video)

Are you having trouble with the ankle elastic in any of our Harem pants patterns? Watch this video by Bex from Bexie Boo. 


This morning I asked in the Pattern Emporium Facebook Group "Elastic expert question: does anyone sew their elastic in a loop BEFORE sewing it into a garment? Is it easier?" and the gorgeous Bex from Bexie Boo popped up her hand. 

It seems that a few years ago Bex watch a video made by the gorgeously talented Vanessa from Bobkin on how to easily insert joined elastic into your Nappy Cover leg opening.

When a friend of hers asked how to do the ankles on pants, Bex couldn't find where she'd saved this video so she made her own to help out her friend & it's perfect for our needs too.

I have uploaded 2 videos that Bex has made. 

1) The first is the one she made for her friend & shows you the basic principle. 

2) The second, Bex has made just for us.

Video 1: 

Watch this video first to see the basic principle.

If you are on a mobile device & it's blank below here, click here to go straight to the first video YouTube Video, then come back here to view the second one.


Video 2: 

Now watch this second video that Bex has just made just for us! 

In this video Bex is working on a size 000 pair of Pattern Emporium Harem Pants (well... a scrap piece cut to the size of the leg opening). The sewing machine light makes it a little tricky but if you've watched the first video you'll totally get it.

click here to watch the 2nd video if you're having trouble viewing it.

So that's all there is too it. Don't you just love new tricks to add to your technical toolbox.

If you find this way a little too challanging, take a look at 'Harem Pants Ankle Elastic Made Easy (1)' for another method of inserting your elastic.  <----- Just click on the title to go directly there.

Happy sewing!