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PDF Sewing Patterns: Where has the layers icon gone?

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Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Adobe Reader’s Latest Update

Adobe’s latest update to Acrobat Reader has done a bit of a magic trick with many tools we’ve come to know and love – some have moved, and others have seemingly vanished into thin air. For those of us trying to print PDF digital sewing patterns, this can feel like trying to find your way in a room where the furniture keeps moving.

What Happened to the Layers Icon?

Previously, our favourite icons stayed politely on the left-hand side. Now, it seems they’ve thrown a party and scattered all over the place—some have popped up on the top right, others have skedaddled to the bottom right, and a few have pulled a disappearing act.

Why the Layers Icon is Your New Best Friend

This little icon is more helpful than finding a lost needle in a sewing room. It allows you to view and print single sizes or a few sizes at once, which is awesome when you’re multi-sizing patterns. But in the new version of Adobe Reader, it seems the layers icon didn’t get the invite to the main toolbar.

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screen shots showing the size layers on a digital sewing pattern

Here’s How to Find Your Wayward Icon

Fear not! It’s still around—just playing hide and seek. Here’s how to find it:

1. Click on View in the menu bar.
2. Navigate to Show/Hide.
3. Select Side Panels.
4. Triumphantly click on Layers.

Voilà! The layers icon will now appear, sitting proudly on the right of your screen, at the top, looking almost the same as before – think of it as two squares in a cozy embrace.

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Still don't like it & wish you could revert back to the older version of Adobe Reader? You can. Read how to do this here