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What's included in Pattern Emporium sewing patterns?


PRINT-AT-HOME: This can be printed on standard A4 or US Letter size paper. 

A0 COPYSHOP FILE: For most patterns you will also receive the pattern pages in large format (generally A0 size) if you prefer to print your patterns at the copy shop. For further information & advice on printing a large format file, please read the information pages in your pattern.

PROJECTOR FILE: All patterns released from 2020 onwards will also contain a projector file. These files are for use with projector technology. There are several groups on Facebook that can assist you with this. 

LAYERS: Some (but not all) patterns are layered. Those that do are marked as such.  We will endeavour to update all patterns to have layers (this takes time).


MEASUREMENTS: All measurements are listed in both centimetres & inches throughout.

FINDING THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU: At the beginning of each pattern, in the information pages, I outline how to successfully determine the right size for you.We spend a lot of time getting this just right to make it easier for you.

INFORMATION PAGES: At the beginning of each pattern you will find Information pages to help set you up for a successful sewing project. Most of the answers to your questions can be found in these pages. They contain some or all of the following:

  • Clickable contents table to take you anywhere within the pattern.
  • Line drawings 
  • Size & fit instructions specific to each pattern. This also often include information on lengthening/shortening.
  • Measurement tables including size, finished measurements, trim & fabric requirements.
  • Printing information for at home or copy shop printing
  • Pattern assembly
  • Fabric, tools & supplies needed
  • Glossary of pattern & sewing terms
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Styling tips (Ladieswear)
  • Tester photos to get you inspired
  • Guide to pattern pieces & pages - so you just print the pages you need for your style & size
  • Pattern layout summary - so you can see what the whole pattern looks, like stuck together.
  • Suggested cutting outline

THE SEWING INSTRUCTIONS: I, personally, am a visual learner. Some of my children are not. So I understand, first hand, the importance of offering various ways of getting information across.

  • Written: The sewing instructions are broken down into simple units. This helps make the learning of new skills much easier.
  • Photos: As well as short, succinct sentences, Pattern Emporium sewing patterns contain plenty of photos to guide you.
  • Tips: Pattern Emporium sewing patterns contain tips to help you achieve a professional finish that you can also apply to the other garments you make. These tips have been gathered over 20 years in the commercial fashion industry as a designer plus a lifetime of sewing for myself & my family.

TIPS AND TRICKS: You will find plenty of tips and tricks, dotted throughout each tutorial. These are designed to help you achieve as professional a finish as possible. Some of my tips are not traditional but have been gathered over many years of experience, as well as from interaction with awesome sample sewists in the fashion industry.

MY BEST ADVICE TO GET STARTED: After you've purchased & downloaded your pattern, grab a cuppa (that's Aussie for a cup of tea or coffee) and sit down and have a look through the pattern. Familiarise yourself with what's in the information pages, how to find the right size for you, etc. and then have a read through the sewing instructions, step by step. I still use this method for anything new, and find it invaluable.


  • Got a PE pattern questions that you can't find the answer to?
  • Stuck and can't work out what you're doing wrong;
  • Finished your PE project and want to share your success;
  • Or if you're simply looking for inspiration, come and join the Pattern Emporium Sewing Circle, our group on Facebook. Click here.