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Understanding Layers in PDF Sewing Patterns

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This blog post guides you on accessing size layers in our older patterns, where the pattern pages are found at the end of the tutorial.

To learn how to access size layers in the newer version of Adobe Reader and our patterns released after 2019, or if you can't locate the layers button in the updated Adobe Reader, go here.


Think of layers as transparent pieces of paper stacked one on top of the other. And each layer contains a size.

With layers, you can add or remove any size you like, printing all sizes or just 1 or 2. It's up to you.

At this stage only a select number of our patterns have layers. However, we are working very hard behind the scenes to convert all of our patterns to layers. 



If a pdf pattern is designed with layers, when you open it in Adobe Reader, you can uncheck the ‘eye’ icon to turn on/off layers : hiding the sizes you’re not making. 

Below I outline exactly how to do that. 


STEP 1: 

Open the pattern in Adobe Reader. 

If you don’t have it, download it here. It’s free.

what are pattern layers pdf



On the left hand side of the page, look for this symbol & click on it.


A panel will open out.

what are pattern layers


STEP 3: 

Click on the arrow > sitting just to the left of the patterns file name.

how to use pdf pattern layers

You will now see several rows with 'eyes'.

These eyes are the layers. There's one size to each layer.  

what are layers

Here is a close up.

how to use pdf pattern layers



Uncheck the ‘eye’ icon to turn off layers : hiding the sizes you’re not making.

Click on a few & sew what happens to the pattern lines. 

Understanding pdf pattern layers



Here I've turned off all sizes except 7 & 8. 

what are pattern layers

You may notice that some layers are locked. These layers generally contain information that applies to all sizes such as pattern name & number, grainlines & cutting information.


STEP 5: 

In each pattern you will find a guide outlining what pages to print for the style and size you want to make.

Print the pages required.

Remember to print actual size with no scaling.


What are PDF Pattern Layers


    Learn how to access, download & print your PDF patterns HERE