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Long Weekend Tank Dress with Wide Binding

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  • Includes all sizes, 4-30.
  • Instant download.
  • Easy to follow, detailed instructions.
  • Experienced beginner friendly.
  • For stretch fabrics.
  • Fitted silhouette.

The Long Weekend Tank Dress sewing pattern seamlessly blends comfort with contemporary style.

Featuring wide binding, playful side splits, and a fitted silhouette, this on-trend dress sewing pattern embodies modern style & versatility.

Includes layered print at home, A0 copy shop & projector files.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see what's in this sewing pattern.


    The Long Weekend Tank Dress features:

    • Fitted silhouette hugs your curves gently.
    • Wide Binding around neckline & arms.
    • Cutaway armhole.
    • Side splits.
    • 1-piece front.
    • 2-piece back - a waist seam ensures ease of fit for your curves.
    • 4 lengths - above knee, below knee, midi & long.
    • Very easily customised to create different lengths. We show you how.
    • Optional sash.
    • Multi-sizing instructions.
    • Sizes 4-30 (all sizes included).

      Customise the split height effortlessly and create dresses for different body types with our multi-sizing instructions.

      Designed for 4-way stretch knit fabrics, this pattern ensures both comfort and style.

      Print at home, utilise A0 copy shop files, or use large font projector files - the choice is yours for convenient pattern formats.

      • Size 4-30 (includes all sizes).
      • View our size chart here.
      • Measure upper bust to determine size. See tutorial for more details.


      INSTANT DOWNLOAD! Receive the sewing patterns instantly after purchasing.

      SIZES INCLUDED: Size 4-30. All sizes are included in your purchase.

      FORMATS: This sewing patterns come in several formats, so you can use the one that suits you. All are included in your purchase.

      • Print at home (A4 / US Letter size).
      • Print at copy shop (A0 size).
      • Projector files (large font, full pattern pieces).

        COMPREHENSIVE TUTORIAL: We make the tricky bits easy.

        Our in-depth tutorial includes detailed info on sizing, fabric choice, printing & more. It features vibrant colour photos & clear instructions to sew this garment. Plus real-life inspiration across various sizes from fellow sewists.

        SEAM ALLOWANCE: Included in our patterns & specified on the pattern & in the tutorial.

        DOWNLOAD as many times as you need to. Simply sign into your account and go to your pattern library to access your patterns. Click on the big 'Download Patterns' button at the top.

        COMMUNITY: Access our community of like-minded creatives for support, inspiration, motivation, and to showcase your Pattern Emporium creations.

        FABRIC & TRIMS

        SUITABLE FABRIC:4-way stretch knit fabrics. Horizontal stretch: 30%+. Vertical stretch: 20%+.

        FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: View the chart here.

        FABRIC SUGGESTIONS:Athletic knit, Bamboo Elastane, Crepe knit, Cupro, Double brushed poly (DBP), Hacci, ITY (not suitable for binding/bands), Liverpool, Merino Wool Knit, Modal Elastane, Poly elastane knits, Ponte (must be soft & stretchy), Rayon Elastane, Rib Knit, Scuba, Single brushed poly (SBP), Stretch knit crepe, Stretch Velvet, Sweater knit, Swim Fabric, Viscose Elastane, Wool Knit Blends.

        Note: Binding fabrics must contain elastane (also called lycra or spandex) and have good resilience. See tutorial for more information


        Tutorial: Includes comprehensive step by step instructions with plenty of photos. 

        3 Pattern Formats: Print at home, A0 copy shop & large font projector file (select coloured or black size lines). All options are included. 

        Projector files for this pattern include multi-coloured and black size lines, large text and full pattern pieces. Plus centre fold lines so you can cut on the fold if needed.

        • PRINT AT HOME PATTERN: In A4 or Letter.
        • COPY SHOP PATTERN: A0 size (ask for plan print).
        • PROJECTOR PATTERN: Large front with (1) Multi coloured size lines & (2) Black size lines
        • LAYERED: Yes.
        • SIZES: AU 4-30. 
        • SKILL LEVEL: Experienced beginner.
        • FABRIC TYPE: Stretch.
        • VIDEO: Yes (for the wide binding).
        • MEASUREMENTS: All patterns are in metric (cms) & imperial (inches).
        • OPEN & PRINT IN: Adobe Reader. Get for free here


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        Watch the video series here or go to the menu under 'Help' > 'PDF Beginners Video Series'.

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        You will find printing details in each tutorial. In most tutorials, this section includes a final layout of the pattern for visual help in joining the pages, a page print guide so you can just print the pattern pages you need, plus printing specs & FAQ. 

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        Please note that we do not sell already printed paper patterns. 


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 16 reviews
        Wendy C.
        Long weekend tank dress

        I loved the tank dress on Kate and Melanie but thought it’s not for me. Then I saw all the wonderful makes and decided to give it a go. I made it with fabric that I had, and it has turned out really well. Taking more time to read the instructions carefully and doing a bit every day, I finally finished it. It is still not my style as it is too close fitting for me to be comfortable but I think I will try it with ‘slinky rib’ as per one of the testers on Facebook and I think I will wear that one. (Fabric is active knit, quite firm)

        Wendy, it's fantastic! I LOVE as is, but I also often try different underwear for a fitted style to smooth everything out. Plus you can always pair back with the Songbird or Reconnect. You've done a beautiful job. - Kate

        Lindsey M.
        Great summer dress

        I made this as soon as released. It’s a wearable toile and looks good, but is quite fitted on the hips on my pear shape. I will go up a couple of sizes from the waist down for the ‘real thing’. I’m of a certain age and prefer to skim rather than squeeze!

        Long weekend that doesn't take a long weekend!

        Fantastic pattern. The most detailed instructions. The pattern is simple yet flattering and the fit is soooo forgiving. The only adjustment I made was to shorten the straps ( and so also the bindings), but that's normal for me. Despite my waist being 2 sizes larger than hips and bust on the guide, I chose to not grade our and I am so glad. This is not my usual style at all but this will be a firm favourite with 2 more fabrics waiting to be cut out.

        Karen C.
        Great easy sew

        I love this pattern. So easy to follow & very comfortable to wear.

        Lorraine E.
        The trending Long Weekend Tank Dress

        Wow is this dress right on trend. All the shops have them. Kate you have done it again. Superb instructions once again. The wide binding was a new learn for me and I loved it. Totally agree with the fact that your size may need to vary depending on your choice of fabric.