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How to Style a Button Up Shirt

How to Style a Button Up Shirt

When it comes to timeless fashion, nothing beats a button-up shirt. These types of shirts have been around for countless years, and for good reason. Button-up shirts can be styled in a variety of different ways, making them a wardrobe staple.

If you’re struggling to find a women’s button-up shirt that fits you exactly the way you like it, why not make one yourself? At Pattern Emporium, we have a wide range of styles within each of our shirt sewing patterns that are easy to follow and fun to make! 

By sewing your own shirt, you can customise your fit, fabric and style in whichever way you like. Whether you want it fitted or oversized, patterned, or one solid colour, the sky’s the limit. Browse our shirt and top sewing patterns to find your dream button-up shirt.

When it comes to styling women’s button-up shirts, there’s always one classic response: tucked into a pencil skirt with pumps or heels. While this is an option that’s great for corporate workplaces, we believe that a button-up shirt can be styled in so many other ways.

Don’t limit yourself to only wearing button-ups in the office. If you need style inspiration on how to rock your shirt, we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can style your women’s button-up shirt in a fashionable, fun way.

Open and Flowy

If you’re spending a day at the beach or having a casual outing, wearing your shirt unbuttoned and flowy is a great way to go. Whether you’d like an oversized shirt or a fitted one, this look works with all sorts of button-up shirts — simply wear your favourite tank top underneath.

The casual, flowing style looks effortless and makes for a relaxed, comfortable look. Another amazing aspect of styling your women’s button-up shirt this way is that it can be paired with absolutely anything. On hot days, wear shorts or a mini dress and some sandals. When the weather is a little too cool for shorter bottoms, a pair of jeans will do the trick!

Tucked in

Tucking your button-up shirt into bottoms creates a sleek, stylish look that can be worn to any occasion. Our Easy Fit Shirt sewing pattern creates a beautifully-fitting shirt that is perfect for tucking. With its relaxed (but not oversized) fit, you’ll feel comfortable and look stylish all day long. And this pattern also includes pieces for a shirt dress, along with plenty of other customisable features! You’ll be making countless shirts with this versatile guide.

If you'd like to see exactly what's in the pattern before you purchase, simply watch our 'What's in the Pattern?' video to view the range of samples we've created.

When you’re heading to the office and are in need of an effortlessly put-together look, tuck your button-up shirt into a pair of trousers. Going out to brunch? French tuck your shirt into your jeans of choice for a sharp, cool look. Skinny jeans will contrast the relaxed fit of the button-up shirt, while straight or wide-leg jeans will play into the softer fit.

Loud and Bold

You can use a button-up shirt to make a big statement. Simply opt for a shirt that is filled with fun patterns and colours, and choose a plain pair of bottoms that will suit the chosen occasion (jeans, a skirt, or trousers). It’s best to keep one-half of your outfit simple because although you want to stand out from the crowds, you don’t want your look to be too busy or overwhelming.

Alternatively, you can style some fun, loud bottoms with a plain shirt. This way, the shirt will provide a nice contrast to the statement bottoms and keep your look from being too overwhelming. Think party on the bottom, relaxation on top.

Tie It Up

If you want to keep your look casual but still give it a little something extra, why not tie up your button-up shirt? This will add an interesting element to any pair of jeans or shorts. Alternatively, you can wear it with a maxi skirt for an effortless yet stylish bohemian vibe. You can tie the knot at the front and have it showing as a fun accent to your look or tuck it in for a fun, cropped moment.

Short Sleeves

For when it’s just too hot for a long sleeve button-up shirt, short sleeves are the way to go. Equally as versatile with just slightly less fabric, these shirts can be styled in exactly the same way as long sleeves. Wear yours with a skirt, trousers or shorts for a laid-back yet sophisticated look that’s perfect for casual affairs.

No matter how you choose to style it, we have no doubt that you’ll rock your women’s button-up shirt! Share photos of styling your shirt in new ways in our Facebook group for us to all adore, or ask our Pattern Emporium community for help if you’re in need!

If you loved getting shirt style inspiration from us, you’ll love reading all about how to style an oversized shirt.

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