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How to Style Oversized Shirts

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The oversized shirt is a classic, cool-girl look. Whether it be corporate-wear or streetwear, women’s oversized shirts will never go out of style.

Oversized shirts come in a large range of different styles. Honestly, the styling possibilities are endless! Whether it be a baggy button-down shirt, a loose t-shirt or an oversized hoodie, there’s an option for everyone. Women's oversized shirts are such a versatile option, allowing for comfort and movement while adding a contemporary edge to any outfit.

There's only one thing better than finding the perfect oversized shirt or top. And that's making it yourself! Pattern Emporium has a huge range of women’s oversized shirt patterns that are easy to use and simple to follow. So if you're looking for something unique, why not give it a go?

One tricky thing about women's oversized shirts is that if styled incorrectly, it may look like you borrowed it from your dad's closet. With some simple styling tips, oversized shirts can become an adaptable staple in any wardrobe. And that's where we come in. We know a thing or two about fashion here at Pattern Emporium, and we're here to help you rock the oversized top look! Read on to learn more.


Oversized Shirts Styling Tips

1) Create a Shirt From a Pattern That Already Comes Oversized

If you're making an oversized shirt, why wouldn't you opt for a pattern that has already calculated the oversized measurements for you? Not the all-consuming oversized type, the dramatic kind. Pattern Emporium's Ocean Daze Very Oversized Shirt Sewing Pattern features an exaggerated oversized fit with dropped shoulders and wide sleeves. There are many collar, hemline and sleeve options, so you can customise your shirt exactly how you want it! If you'd like to see what exactly is in the pattern, you can watch this video.

2) Make It a Statement

When styling women's oversized shirts, you want to ensure that it is the centrepiece of the outfit. Choose pieces with details that don't make the shirt appear to consume your body. Bold colours and funky patterns are a great way to make a fun yet simple and easy statement.

3) Wear It for the Right Occasion

When styling women's oversized shirts, it's important to wear them to the right occasion. Oversized tops are great for business casual settings, athleisure, lounging, and casual events. While they can be dressed up for nighttime — such as nice dinners or dates — oversized shirts shouldn't be worn everywhere. While they look edgy and cool, an oversized shirt may not work for very formal events.


How to Tuck in Oversized Shirts

If you want to tuck an oversized women's shirt into a pair of jeans or a skirt, some tricks can help. Firstly, choose pants with a high waist because they will provide extra support and keep your shirt in place all day long. 

Secondly, remember not to go overboard when tucking it in; otherwise, it may look awkward. French tucks are the perfect solution for this! Simply tuck in a small part of the shirt to the front of your pants or skirt, and you have an effortless, model-off-duty look! Another popular option is a half tuck, where half the shirt is tucked in and the other half is loose. 


How to Style Oversized Shirts For the Day

The Athletic Lounge Look

This look is perfect for women who want to stay comfortable and casual during the day. For this outfit, go for a more relaxed-fit t-shirt. A classic white tee or fun print would be ideal, french tucked into some plain bike shorts. Finish the outfit with some crisp white sneakers, and you're ready to take on the day in style!

Effortlessly Cool Casual

This is a classic, timeless look that never gets old. It's versatile and can be styled in a bunch of different ways. No matter your style, you can add your own personal flair to it. A clean white, oversized, button-down shirt or a funky leopard print t-shirt would both work for this look. Tuck it into a pair of high-waisted, denim skinny jeans to contrast the oversized top half of the outfit.

Business Casual

A relaxed-fit shirt paired with an oversized blazer and fitted trousers is great for a business casual workplace! The mixture of different fits adds interest and dimension to the outfit due to the play between the structured blazer and the loose fit of the shirt. If you want to add some colour, opt for a patterned shirt or statement blazer.


How to Style Oversized Shirts For the Night

Date Night

Wearing an oversized shirt as a dress can be a fun and flirty way to dress up for date night. For this, you'll want an oversized shirt that is made with slightly thinner material, such as viscose or rayon. Pair it with some strappy heels and statement jewellery for the perfect romantic outfit.

Edgy Leather Look

Pairing an oversized shirt or top with a leather jacket is best for women who prefer an edgier style. Take a simple oversized top of your preference and pair it with a faux leather jacket and chunky boots. For the finishing touch, throw on a statement belt to add definition to your waist and bring the whole outfit together. You'll be the coolest woman out on the town!

No matter what your style, women's oversized shirts can be a versatile and comfortable way to take on the day. And why not make your own? Browse Pattern Emporium's range of top sewing patterns online today, or check out our Facebook community to meet fellow sewing enthusiasts!