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Everything You Need to Know About Tiered Dress & Skirts

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When you think of a timeless summer style that can be worn year after year, some form of tiered dress or skirt may come to mind. And we’re not surprised; tiered dresses have been around since the Victorian ages. These layered skirts and dresses are a style that never gets old, they continue to resurface in retail stores and runway shows every season.

But when you’re searching for a tiered dress or skirt, chances are you may not be able to find your perfect match. There’s no reason to buy clothes you won’t love and cherish. Otherwise, it may just sit in your closet. What a waste!

That’s why it’s a great idea to make your dream dress or skirt yourself! And we’re here to help. Pattern Emporium has such a wide range of tiered dress and skirt sewing patterns, so you won’t need to look anywhere else!

Before you start sewing, it’s a good idea to know everything about the garment you’re making, such as how to style it and when to wear it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about tiered dresses and skirts. Let’s get into it!


They’re Versatile

Tiered dresses and skirts are adaptable to so many different environments; you can really wear them anywhere! If you’re after a light and flowing summer work outfit, a tiered shirt dress sewing pattern will give you the perfect business-casual look. And this dress will mean so much more to you, knowing you’ve sewn it at home!

For a weekend away, you want an outfit that’s as relaxed as you feel. Adaptability is also really important. The Meet You There Tiered Dress & Top is a sewing pattern that will give you dresses and tops for days. The relaxed fit and bishop sleeves work well as both a dress and top, so we made patterns for both! You’ll be going for morning walks, all the way through to your beachside dinner in this dress. Oh, and did we mention there’s a sleeveless option too?


They Range Across a Variety of Styles

Another great thing about tiered dresses and skirts is that they are not restricted to one aesthetic. No matter your personal style, you can tailor your dress or skirt to slot right into that empty spot in your wardrobe. It all depends on the style of garment, fabric and colour and how you complete the outfit! Some of the aesthetic choices include:


Tiered skirts are an essential part of bohemian fashion. Boho style is all about free movement, relaxed silhouettes and exotic prints. A tiered dress sewing pattern for a billowing maxi dress or mini dress using a fun animal print or floral print can achieve you the perfect bohemian wardrobe.


The dark and moody colour palette of grunge fashion works perfectly with black tiered maxi skirts. Grunge is all about looking intentionally messy in an urban way – the layering of garments all meshes together in an edgy, cool outfit. Pairing a dark-coloured tiered skirt with knee-high boots and an oversized T-shirt or jumper achieves an effortlessly cool look. Our Tiered Maxi Skirt sewing pattern will help you to make your very own signature look.


We can’t forget about the classic, girly style that tiered dresses and skirts fit so perfectly into! The preppier aesthetic is filled with fun and flirty mini dresses and skirts, elongating your legs. These often look best in bright, summery colours, so you’ll be embracing the warmth through your wardrobe. For a sporty-preppy look, a tank dress is a piece you’ll always be reaching for.


They’re Not Just For Summer

While people often envision tier dresses and skirts as only summer wardrobe staples, they’re still great to wear in winter! Longer dresses with thicker fabrics or mini skirts paired with tights look elegant and refined. The great thing about tiered dress patterns is that you can pick the exact fabric you desire. This means you can easily make your perfect winter dress or skirt!


They Add Volume And Movement to Your Outfit

Tiered dresses and skirts are all about movement. The frills and layers add so much volume to any outfit while still looking elegant! The tiers create a gorgeous silhouette that is relaxed, free and billows in the summer breeze.

For even more volume and dimension, opt for a tiered skirt or dress wherein the tiers consist of ruffles. This will create an even more voluminous look that will stand out in any occasion.


They’re Easy To Make

Despite their layered nature, tier skirts and dresses are actually quite easy to make! Once you’ve chosen your fabric and pattern, the construction is often as easy as sewing each of the tiers and gathering fabric with elastic. This makes them a great project for beginner sewers. Our range of how-to videos provides helpful sewing tips and tricks to assist you on your creative journey!

Sewing tier dresses and skirts can open up endless opportunities for your wardrobe. Try out different fabrics, colours and lengths to create outfits completely unique to you! You can join our Facebook group to become a part of the Pattern Emporium sewing circle, meet fellow sewers and make new friends! To learn more about our sewing patterns, contact us or take a look at our helpful FAQs