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Our Favourite Animal Print Sewing Patterns

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Summer dress sewing patterns

Animal prints are always in style. There's no better way of showing off your fashion sense than by wearing these timeless prints. A leopard dress or a snake print can take your outfit to the next level, whether you're looking for a dress to wear to a special event or you just want something fashionable to wear around town. And with Pattern Emporium’s sewing patterns, you can make dresses with animal print at home! Our dress patterns for women can be used with a range of animal prints. 

These patterns embody style, sophistication, versatility, and sometimes even authority. You’ll see animal fabric patterns in almost everything people wear — dresses, coats, skirts, lingerie, and even accessories, such as bags and watches. True enough, the design seeps its way through all seasons and occasions. And what better way to flaunt them than being in comfort and style, right?Bold and sophisticated with a hint of sexy is what animal prints embody. Fashion enthusiasts have embraced animal prints and continue to do so. And now you can make dresses with animal prints at home! Stitch your special dress at home with beautiful designs from Pattern Emporium. Soak in the pride and joy of wearing something you have sewn at home. 

That’s why we have listed our favourite animal print sewing patterns across our collections. You can now wear them exactly how you want in the perfect fit.


Chill in Cheetah

You’ll never go wrong with this feline print. Iconic for its solid black spot,it has been a popular choice among every generation since the 1930s. Many see it as the more sophisticated option among spotted prints.

Our Lounge Dress sewing pattern will look exceptional in the cheetah print. It has comfortable batwing sleeves so you can remove your bra easily while still discreet. Its multiple neckline options can take you from bed to brunch on a whim. Thanks to the many sleeve lengths available, you won’t have to worry about the changing seasons. Oh, and have we mentioned the pockets yet?Our Lounge Dress sewing pattern allows you to make a dress with a relaxed fit, making it your favourite dress in any season. 

Do you want to curl like a cheetah in the lounge? Do you want to walk around your party with some flair? The only answer is – yes!And with the sophisticated cheetah print, your outfit will always be both comfortable and stylish.

Lounge and Lustre like a Leopard

The leopard print might rise and fall in the hall of fame, but one thing is for sure — it will never run out of style. There’s a certain sense of confidence and assertiveness in this timeless feline print that you can wear in any setting. What can change, however, is how you carry it. 

Whether you want to dress up or down, you can never go wrong with the leopard print in our Every Me Tank sewing pattern.This is a 3-in-1 pattern that can give you a dress, top and a longline top. Make a dress with leopard print and it will be the ultimate throw-and-go dress. An easy-fit A-line design with a curved hemline is a great option that you can wear and this versatile pattern looks good at any age and at any size.You can slip it on as a workout tank or a lunch date dress. You can even don it on a beach or shopping stroll. Either way, your style and comfort are guaranteed.


Elegant and Striking as a Peacock

The peacock print might be the most attention-grabbing among the animal print patterns, just as it is with the animal itself. This is what makes the peacock pattern ideal for free-spirited vibe outfits, most specifically our SeaChange Jumpsuit and Sashay Flared Shorts sewing patterns. 

The SeaChange Jumpsuit is the perfect playsuit. You can adjust its length to make a jumpsuit or a romper. It has a pull-on design with a flared underarm hem. Either wear it free-flowing or add some shape with a belt or sash; on its own or layered with your favourite tee. The flared palazzo-style leg gives plenty of ease through the body and legs, offering you a relaxed, easy fit. As a pair of Sashay Flared Shorts, the peacock animal fabric patterns allow for a bit of sass with much comfort. Wear it in the park or on the beach. This summer staple is your perfect mix of femininity and practicality.Both designs do not need any zippers, so the sewing process just became a whole lot easier!


Seize the Day in Snake Print

The snake animal fabric pattern is well-loved by our customers and we have heard that it is an empowering print. The reptile print symbolisesa mixture of power, seduction, and sensuality. You’ll see it more often in accessories like bags and wristwatches, but it remains to be a recurringchoicein clothing.With our sewing and dress patterns for women, you can make the snake pattern work for you. Get ready to step into the world of chic fashion, sewn at home.

You’re sure to seize the day whether it’s warm or cool with our Reconnect Longline Cardi or the Grab A Cuppa Cardi sewing patterns. Add the snake print on these timeless pieces, and you’re guaranteed to be the one sporting breezy summer chic orsnug stylish comfort any time of the year. You can go cropped, longline, or sleeveless – there’s no right or wrong here!


Zing in Zebra Print

The classic zebra print started off in the 1970s as an iconic pack of black stripes against a white background. It was the height of global cultural interest, and provided the wild a spotlight in the fashion world.It remains a classic for fashionistas. 

For this purpose alone, we are proud to present our Follow Me Knit Dress and Skirt in zebra animal fabric patterns. Rest easy with its generous coverage over your undergarments, and still enjoy the playfulness of a wrap. Your favourite stretch knit fabrics ensure your comfort and style in this piece. Choose from five sleeve options, four lengths, and various neckline styles.Choose to make this style in the zebra print and be a beauty in black-and-white.


Sewing Dress Patterns with Animal Prints Made Easy

Filling your wardrobe with customised pieces and sizes doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. As you go for more sustainable options, you also get to relish in your self-expression. 

If you would like to learn more about our patterns, please feel welcome to contact us by leaving your questions and preferred information on our simple online enquiry form, and we will get back to you as fast as we can.