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'Get Zipped' A-line Skirt

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Wardrobe Shenanigans with the


Written by Melanie Hall for Pattern Emporium


The Get Zipped Skirt channels the oh-so flattering shape of the classic A-line. With an abundant range of suitable fabrics and infinite styling possibilities, this wardrobe workhorse will be your new best friend.  Read on for my top tips on how to Get Zipped in style.

You will find the pattern here.


Get Fitted!

Take the time to do the Quick Fit Test!You don’t want it hanging lifelessly from the widest part of your body.

By taking the time to get the perfect fit on your lower waist (or on your actual waist if you’re curvy like me) you ensure that you get a perfectly fitting, hip skimming skirt that showcases it’s beautiful A-line shape.

Pattern Emporium Zipped A-line Skirt sewing pattern


Get Shoe'd!

Dress it up or dress it down! Equally fabulous with a pair of casual canvas sneakers or a glamorous pair of heels.

Pattern Emporium A-line Skirt sewing pattern styling


Get Colour!

Have a think about what you will be wearing on your top half. If you love to wear bright, splashy printed tops, then a solid colour might be right up your alley. If you’re like me and have a love affair with black singlet tops, a fun, bold print can be fabulous and fun.

Pattern Emporium Mini Skirt sewing pattern styling




Get Fabricated!

Designed for wovens, quilting cotton is a great choice with it’s myriad of beautiful prints but don’t be scared to delve into the world of dress fabrics: structured denim, swishy rayons, soft chambray, smooth sateen or even suiting fabrics. 

Each different fabric has it’s own unique properties that can give your 'Get Zipped' Skirt a whole new look.

Pattern Emporium A-line Skirt sewing pattern. Styling your mini & maxi skirt.


Get Inspired!

Make yourself a mood board of your favourite designers and pieces from the fashion stores.

Whether it’s this season’s latest colour or a particular “look” that’s in, you can channel these ideas to create a skirt that is uniquely you but still totally on trend.

Pattern Emporium Mood Board A-line Skirt sewing pattern


Get Fabulous!

And most importantly, remember that you are fabulous, no matter your age, size or shape. 

Celebrate your uniqueness and, as uncomfortable as it may make you, take the time to get some photos of yourself in your beautiful creations.

Pattern Emporium A-line Mini & Maxi Skirt sewing pattern styling