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Our Favourite Dress Patterns To Travel In

Our Favourite Dress Patterns To Travel In - PATTERN EMPORIUM SEWING

In summer, wearing light layers that allow for breathability and movement is key to feeling your best. If you are wearing heavier pieces of clothing during warmer months, you run the risk of overheating or being uncomfortable. This is why so many women opt for summer dresses to get through those beach-worthy days.

Dresses have been a summer staple for decades – and it’s not hard to understand why. Versatile, effortless and possessed with the ability to make you look put together after throwing on a simple ensemble, you can never go wrong with a dress! This also makes them a great type of clothing to take travelling with you if you’re headed towards a summer vacation destination.

If you’re passionate about sewing – or eager to get into it – summer dress patterns for women are a wardrobe essential that you should know how to make. Easy, straightforward and ending in a beautifully finished garment, we adore a good dress pattern here at Pattern Emporium! So, we have put together a list of some of our favourite patterns from our women’s collection that you can create and take with you on your next summer vacay! 

Meet You There Tiered Dress

Our Meet You There Dress sewing pattern is a best-seller for a reason. This dress is effortlessly chic and has a billowing, relaxed silhouette and relaxed style. Designed to be sewn with woven fabrics including rayon, linen, and Tencel, to name a few.

This dress features an Easy fit bodice with a shoulder yoke, two full-sleeve options and a sleeveless option, too. And with multiple length sizes available to choose from, you can fully customise this dress to your choosing!

If you would like to see more of our simple dress patterns for ladies, check out our Sewing for Summer collection.

Lounge Dress

No one wants to experience discomfort during summer. And luckily, you don’t have to. Our Lounge Dress is the ultimate garment to kick back and unwind in. Featuring a relaxed, loose fit and multiple hemline and neckline options, you can tailor this piece to fit exactly how you want it to. Wear it around the house, running errands or as a swimwear coverup after a day out at the beach.

Every Day's A Weekend Tiered Dress

We called this simple dress pattern Every Day’s a Weekend for a reason. Whenever you wear it, prepare to feel laid back and cruisey – no matter what day of the week it is!

This tiered dress is designed to be sewn using stretch knit fabrics that can provide a comfortable, relaxed fit. And with the Every Day’s a Weekend pattern, your styling possibilities are endless! You have three lengths, six necklines, and six types of sleeves to choose from. Hey, you can make this dress in so many different ways, it can be a weekend all year round!

Wanderlust Dress

This everyday essential is another dress that is perfect for summer, made using stretch knit fabrics. The Wanderlust Dress has a dramatic silhouette and hugs the body before flaring out into a gorgeous skirt. With a selection of necklines, sleeves and lengths to choose from, you are completely spoilt for choice! 

While this is a simple dress sewing pattern for ladies, it certainly is not boring. You can sew a more casual or fancy dress, depending on your personal preference and the occasion. This dress sewing pattern can be made for any size ranging from a four to a 30 and features as one of our plus-sized patterns.

Why Do I Need Dresses for My Summer Holiday?

Dresses are essential for your summer holiday due to their comfort, breathability, and lightweight nature. They offer versatility, making them easy to style for various occasions. Dresses also create a vacation vibe, save time in dressing up, and are great cover-ups for beach destinations.  With a wide range of fashionable dress sewing patterns available, dresses allow you to express your unique style. 

Additionally, dresses are space-efficient for packing light and enhancing your vacation photos with their elegance and charm. When choosing dresses to sew, consider the climate and planned activities to ensure they suit the weather and events during your holiday.

What Makes Pattern Emporium’s Dress Sewing Patterns Different?

At Pattern Emporium, we want to help you look and feel your best. That’s why when we design sewing patterns, we consider all bodies and personal preferences. Our patterns come equipped with numerous styling options, ranging from necklines to dress and sleeve lengths. Some of our dresses, such as our All In Easy Fit Shirt sewing pattern, can be made into either a dress or a top!

Pattern Emporium allows for versatility and functionality. Shop our summer dress sewing patterns for women online or join our supportive Sewing Circle Facebook Group. Happy sewing!

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