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Batwing Jacket

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Wardrobe Shenanigans with the


by Melanie Hall for Pattern Emporium 



By Day…

School time drop-offs, sashaying around the supermarket, coffee with the girls or heading off to the office…the Batwing Kimono has got you covered. Try pairing it with a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans, your favourite skinnies or a good old pair of leggings. Too hot for long pants? Then throw it on with your favourite pair of shorts (if you don’t already have the Hepburn Shorts pattern then now is the perfect time to give it a try). For a more corporate look, a cropped Kimono with a pencil skirt or slim leg pants will have all the girls in the lunchroom whispering about which designer store you bought your outfit.

By Night…

Time to sass up your Kimono for a night on the town or a dinner date with Channing Tatum (ok, more like your husband, but a girl can dream can’t she?). Something as simple as a singlet dress can be totally transformed with a Kimono in a bright, bold print. Throw on some heels, wiggle into your tummy control underwear, slap on some lippy and you’re good to go.  Or add some va-va-voom to a monochrome outfit by using a textured fabric like lace.

And Everything In Between…

Use your imagination! Wear it over your swimmers at the beach, use a sporty mesh fabric and pair it with your gym clothes or if you’re really daring make it in a sheer chiffon and wear it in the bedroom with some sexy lingerie!

  • If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your body, go for all black underneath and top yourself off with a brightly coloured Kimono. The black will fade into the background and let your Kimono take centre stage.
  • Do you have curvylicious hips? Choose a length that sits either above or below your bountiful curves to balance out your shape.
  • Pair your Kimono with something a little fitted. It doesn’t have to be skintight but we don’t want to lose your beautiful body underneath too many layers of fabric.
  • Got big boobs? Drape you’re Kimono to either side of your lady lumps. Trying to cover them up will only make them, and you, look bigger.
  • Play dress-ups. That’s right, you read it correctly. Play with the clothes in your wardrobe and see how your new Kimono looks with them. You might just breathe new life into something that’s been lurking, unloved, at the back of your drawers.
  • Wear your Batwing Kimono with something that makes you feel good, because at the end of the day, if you feel great you will look great!
  • Don’t be scared to sew with rayon! It really isn’t that hard to sew and it will give you a beautifully draped Kimono that looks totally store bought. 

Most of all, have fun and love the skin you’re in because life is way too short not to be fabulous!!