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Measuring Yourself

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How, Where & When to measure yourself for sewing

On page 3 of (most) Pattern Emporium patterns you'll find a 'Size & Fit' page. It outlines how & where to measure yourself to select the right size for you or your child for that particular pattern. 

Pattern Emporium Sewing Tips Tricks - Measuring Yourself


Below is a general guide to successfully measuring yourself for your next sewing project.


HOW to Measure 

1. You want the tape measure to be firm but not tight. Don't be scared to make the measuring tape snug & be sure your not using an old, stretched out tape.

2. Measure over your skin, not your clothes. 

Yes, it's as simple as that. 


WHERE to Measure

Natural Waist: Measure horizontally around your waist. This is where your body indents, above the belly button.

Still can't find your waist? Okay remember the song you might have sung as a child or perhaps have sung to your own children, "I'm a little teapot..."? Sing it and do the actions. When you get the "tip me over" part, where your body bends, that's your waist. I know it sounds silly but pfft, we won't worry about that (and if you're anything like me, your kids will be used to you doing silly stuff by now). 

Lower Waist: This is approximately 5cm (2") below the natural waist. Often pants & skirts will sit here comfortably.

Hip/Seat: This is approximately 20cm (8") below the natural waist. It's not your hip bone but your seat. If you're making an elastic waisted garment, this is an important measurement because the garment needs to fit over your seat. 


WHEN to Measure

Sounds crazy that this is something you need to consider right. But think about it. How often do you eat something and then your tummy bloats? See what I mean? So if you're planning a sewing session for yourself after you eat, plan some time to measure yourself before you eat.


Common Mistakes

1. Reading the measurement from the wrong end of the tape measure.

2. Measuring over clothing.

3. Measuring after eating.

4. Not measuring where that particular pattern asks you to.