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A Guide To The Modern One Shoulder Tank

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Fashion trends tend to come and go, but one shoulder tops look like they’re here to stay. One shoulder tops project a simple style with grace, transforming any outfit into a breath of fresh air. When you want to modernise an outfit but still keep it fun, choose one shoulder tops!

At Pattern Emporium, we are experts at designing and sewing. We love sharing information about PDF sewing patterns and making sure that your sewing dreams come true. Read on more to learn about our one shoulder tops, how to style them, and how to add something to your wardrobe that you can be proud of. 

How to Wear a One Shoulder Top

How you wear and style your one shoulder top can define your final look. Here are our top tips for styling it:

Keep Your Outfit Balanced

One shoulder tops are often fitted in nature, which means you can play with different types of bottoms to create an outfit that you love. If your one shoulder top is fitted, we recommend pairing it with flowy high waisted pants or a skirt to balance the look. Opting for wide leg trousers creates a contemporary outfit that accentuates your figure. This outfit is also very balanced as the form-fitting nature of the one shoulder top compliments the loose wide leg pants. 

Experiment With Different Styles

One shoulder tops come in a variety of styles, so you can play around to find one that suits your personal taste! Whether you’re after a shapely fit, or prefer flowy, flared one shoulder tops, you can sew your very own to perfectly fit your style. Feel free to check out our ‘What’s in the Pattern’ video for our One Shoulder Top. You can get a thorough rundown of each style and silhouette that our One Shoulder Tank pattern includes. 

How to Sew a One Shoulder Top

Are you ready to make a one shoulder top of your very own? Sewing a one shoulder top is surprisingly easy and fun, so we’ve created an in-depth sewing pattern for everyone who wants to create their own look. You may find our how-to videos helpful if you’re unsure of certain sewing techniques. Get ready to feel the pride of wearing something you’ve sewn yourself!

What to Wear Under a One Shoulder Top

One thing that may be holding you back from rocking a one shoulder top is the niggling question: ‘what do I wear underneath?’

With its asymmetrical neckline and singular strap, the one shoulder top appears to be difficult to wear. After all, how are you supposed to wear a bra underneath?

The answer is that you have quite a few options! The PDF sewing patterns from Pattern Emporium show you how to make a shelf bra and have instructions on how to make a strap for extra support. You can also choose to use a multiway bra with one strap. Another option can be a strapless or adhesive bra. Before choosing a bra, check if it suits your bust size and body type, so there’s nothing stopping you from looking amazing in that one shoulder top! 

If you prefer that little bit of extra support that bras with straps provide, you can always sew an added strap to cover your bra strap. The sewing patterns from Pattern Emporium show you how! These are far less obvious than other types of bras and easy to get away with.

How to Hang a One Shoulder Top

Once you’ve sewn your perfect one shoulder top, it’s essential to know how to store and hang it properly. A great way is to use clip hangers and hang them upside down from the hem. If the fabric marks easily, you can add a little padding. Otherwise, just fold them and keep them in with your other tops. 

Now you know everything there is to know about one shoulder tops, it’s time to get sewing! Browse our collection of women’s top sewing patterns, or join our sewing group on Facebook and become a part of a community that simply loves sewing!