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Style Chat: Songbird Kimono Fabrics

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One of the best things about our new Songbird Kimono & Cardi pattern is that it can be sewn in woven or knit fabrics. Another is that it can be worn in Summer or Winter depending on your chosen fabric.

Let's have a Play with Songbird Kimono Fabrics

Pattern Emporium Songbird Kimono pattern - lets talk fabric


Songbird Kimono's in Rayon (Woven)

Our testers used a variety of fabrics from georgette & chiffon to lace & wool blends. By far the most popular, however,  was rayon.

Why we like it: The beautiful thing about rayon is it's drape. It just flows so nicely over the body and makes an easy fitting style, like the Songbird, shine. Choosing a great print means you can make a big statement without spending a whole lot of money.

Rayon is easy to wear & so gorgeously casual. It was easily the most popular fabric during testing : 50% of the kimono's made were sewn using rayon. 

Where can you buy rayon? In Australia, our testers bought rayon from East Coast Fabrics, Spotlight, Lincraft, Textile Traders. In the US: Fabric.com (Katy used a gorgeous Rifle Paper Company rayon).

Here is a selection of Songbird Kimono's made using rayon, with spectacular results.

  Rayon - Songbird Kimono sewing pattern          


Songbird Kimono's in Georgette & Chiffon (Woven)

These two see-through fabrics are often paired together, with chiffon being the more transparent of the two. Transparent fabrics are a big trend in 2018.

Why we like it: Just like rayon, georgette & chiffon also drape beautifully. Mostly available in polyester, these fabrics hold the colour in their prints beautifully. They are both soft & floaty fabrics. PLUS they're perfect for both day and night.

Mel's used a fabulous floral georgette in her cover photo.

Where did we buy our georgette & chiffon? In Australia: Textiles Traders, East Coast Fabrics, Super Cheap Fabrics & Spotlight. In the US: Fabric.com

Is there a trick to sewing them? Use lots of pins & pin seams together on a flat surface. On page 6 of the Songbird tutorial you'll find tips & tricks for sewing with fabrics like this. This fabric is definitely worth going to the extra effort.

Here is a selection of Songbird Kimono's made using georgette & chiffon.

  Songbird Longline Kimono sewing pattern        


Songbird Kimono's in Other Woven Fabrics

Crepe: Kerrie, Danielle & Karen have used crepe. Crepe is a textured fabric, with the surface having a crinkled effect. It comes in polyester, silk or wool, has great drape and is generally wrinkle free & comfy. 

Kerrie's light pink print is from Remnant Warehouse. Danielle's black print is from Lincraft.



Polyester: Marnie has used a very slippery & super light polyester. 



Songbird Kimono's in Knit Fabrics

Just like you, all the testers were pretty excited to learn that they could sew knit fabric Songbirds too.

Why we like it: Omgosh there are so many reasons to love a knit kimono (well... technically it's probably a cardi) that they all deserve an exclamation mark of excitement!

  • Knit is so fast to sew!
  • Hello! Stretch lace is a knit! 
  • Have you ever worn viscose or rayon elastane?!! So delicious!
  • Winter & Summer fabrics!

There are so many knit fabrics you can use for the Songbird Kimono pattern:

  • Sweater knit - go light for a transpersonal kimono or snuggly warm for winter.
  • Gorgeously soft & drapey ponte -make sure it has rayon in it so it's nice and soft.
  • merino wool jersey - yum! and so warm & light.
  • Light viscose or rayon elastane - like my longline animal print one. I can't even begin to describe how nice this one is to wear. It's so soft & such a lovely quality. 

Where did we buy our knit fabrics? I will add these below.

Is there a trick to sewing them? Just follow the instructions in the pattern for trimming & stabilising the shoulder & whiz these through your overlocker. Seriously the fastest option. 

Let's start with stretch lace. My black stretch lace is from Remnant Warehouse. 

 Lace Sleeveless Kimono - Songbird sewing pattern  

Kirsty's pink stretch lace is from Spotlight. 


(Left) This amazing viscose elastane is such a beautiful quality... & of course it's naturally my favourite and not just because it's in animal print. It's from Mood Fabrics in the US.... yep, the same store they use on Project Runway. 

(Right) Lil also used a very soft knit, modal elastane in her cropped Songbird Kimono. Fabric from Maaidesign.


Mel's light sweater knit is from Spotlight (they call it mesh... not sure why). You can see with these 3 looks how versatile it is.


Janelle's silver metallic knit is also from Spotlight. She's also used a mysterious rib knit. 


Perfect for winter - Kirsty has also used a wool blend knit for this fabulous checked kimono jacket. Wendy's wool blend knit is such an amazing burst of colour it will brighten up any Winters day thrown over jeans & a tee or monocrome black pants & top. 



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