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Spellbound Dress

Styling you stretch knit A-line dress. Spellbound by Pattern Emporium. DIY sewing.
Wardrobe Shenanigans with the


Written by Melanie Hall for Pattern Emporium


With it’s flattering fit and flare silhouette, the Spellbound Dress is the perfect all-rounder.

Lets have a look at some ways to have you looking and feeling fabulous in your new frock.

You will find the pattern here.


For instant street appeal, you can’t go past a pair of sneakers. 

Think Vans, Converse or similar. Casual, comfy and stylish all at the same time. At the end of the day pop on a pair of heels and you are instantly transformed into date night hottie. Voila!

Styling Stretch Knit A-line Dress - Spellbound by Pattern Emporium Sewing Patterns



No matter our size, lots of us have unique lumps, bumps and saggy bits that we don’t necessarily want the whole world to see. But don’t let that stop you! 

Once you have perfected your fit, some light support underwear is great at smoothing out those jiggly bits and putting a confident spring in your step.

Underwear to wear under a stretch knit dress - Spellbound Dress by Pattern Emporium



Get a whole range of looks by using a variety of fabrics and prints. Go classy in a solid colour, edgy in a camo or animal print, feminine in a floral or sassy in stripes. 

By choosing different style options in the pattern and mixing up your prints, you can have a dress for every day of the week but still look different.

Styling Stretch Knit A-line Dress - Spellbound by Pattern Emporium Sewing Patterns





    • If opting for support wear underneath, remember that you are aiming to smooth your body out, not squish it.

    • Have fun and try some new fabrics. You will find that they all sit slightly differently on your body, depending on their stretch and drape.

    • Large, busy prints are great at camouflaging lumpy tummy bits.

    • Big boobies? Try the scoop neck. It breaks up the chest area beautifully whilst still providing ample coverage.

    • Love the skin you’re in because life is too short not to be fabulous!!



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