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Crush on Me Tee

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Wardrobe Shenanigans with the


Written by Melanie Hall for Pattern Emporium


Get ready to have your minds (and your wardrobes) blown! 

The Crush On Me Tee is going to be your new best friend. Oversized to perfection with just the right amount of slouch and some subtle shaping to have you looking feminine, relaxed and cool as a cucumber, baby!

You will find the pattern here.

Tuck it!

Full tuck or front tuck, perfect for elongating the body! A dressier way to wear your Tee that works for day, night or the office. 

Pattern Emporium Crush On Me Tee oversized tshirt sewing pattern


Flirty Fun!

A little bit of shoulder can add a lot of smoulder! Pull your scoop neck off to one side for a look that’s a little bit cheeky or add some heels for an instant date night style.

Pattern Emporium Oversize Tshirt. Crush On Me Tee sewing pattern. Sexy styling.


Get Dressed!

A dress to wear everywhere! With thongs to the beach, sneakers for casual cool or rock it with some killer pumps and a statement necklace for a night on the town. 

Pattern Emporium Knit Dress. Crush on Me Tee Dress sewing pattern.


Booty Talk!

For those days when you’re wearing leggings or super skin tight pants, go for the Tunic length Tee for full booty coverage. Because some things are best left to the imagination!

Pattern Emporium Crush On Me Tee sewing pattern. Evening glam styling.



    • Try to have a happy balance of solids and prints that way you will always be able to pair your Tee’s with something in your wardrobe.

    • It’s all about the drape! Be sure to follow the fabric suggestions for a Tee that is comfy and flattering.

    • Don’t forget that the Crush On Me Tee is the perfect match for all your Pattern Emporium bottoms.  From the Hepburn Shorts to the Heartlight Skirt and everything in between.

Most of all, have fun and love the skin you’re in!